Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Nimble and lightweight
Dislikes: Speeding tickets in 30mph zones

This scooter is a blast. Excellent mpg (70-80 mpg) and better yet, you can keep up with the traffic 45-55 mph with a grown man 80 Kg. My 17 year old kid zooms around at 60-65 mph. Even if the speedo is optimistic, you can easily keep up with the traffic.

Easy start up every time with kick starter, battery died a few years ago and does not have any juice to spin the starter. This is a stock scooter and I will recommend it to anyone who wants an easy way to get around town or run to the local store. The other major plus factor is it does not look like your grand mother's scooter from 1960-ish. Keep the shiny side up and ride responsible.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Looks great
Dislikes: Piece of crap

I put about 2000 miles on this and it was great. Then the fuel pump gave out. I read online that it was a "known" problem with this engine and they had no particular fix. No one fixed these Italian machines in my area. I melted the rubber hoses in the engine because I didn't know (and it said NOWHERE in the instruction manual) that I couldn't put gasoline containing ethanol in it. I'm not a motorcycle expert. I replaced the hoses, sent away for another fuel pump, it lasted 30 miles and died. I sent away for ANOTHER fuel pump (this one was modified so it wouldn't die so quickly), and the mechanic installed it but said now the compression was so low it was unusable. What a waste of money. BUY AMERICAN SO THAT YOUR MECHANIC CAN FIND PARTS AND FIX IT FOR YOU. This is like all European technology: good in theory, crap in practice.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Looks, Tech features, Performance
Dislikes: Tech features (much more difficult to troubleshoot and repair if you’re at DIY scooterist)

Serious scooter enthusiast with a stable of modern Vespas, Honda, Yamaha and a Genuine. Picked up a used 2009 Aprilia SR50 Factory in like new condition with 1,000 miles. Impressive performance but the relative high tech features give me pause for when there's going to be inevitable maintenance and repair needs. Doesn't really lend itself to operator performed work and Aprilia dealers are far and few in my area.

Tall seat height for me at 5' 10" but manageable with boots. Thinly padded seat encourages only short rides for me with no padding either. Great cool factor on looks and really impressive fuel and oil consumption. Overall a solid 9 out of 10 so far.

2013 Aprilia SR 50 R - Max Biaggio SBK Replica
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: It gets looks everywhere it goes
Dislikes: Not enough room for my large helmet

I have the latest SR50 in the new Max Biaggi colours (number 1 not 3 ).

I have put a full Malossi kit in it & a Leo Vince pipe. The little scoot flies now with a top speed of 110 km's per hour & climbs hills with ease, I am 100 kgs & most 50cc scoots can't pull my weight. This things is mad & I just can't get off it.”


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