Piaggio MP3 Race Track

2007 PIAGGIO MP3 250
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Great fun to ride
Dislikes: Seating position

Review: “
I can’t imagine riding anything else.”

2008 PIAGGIO MP3 400ie
Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: 400cc power, high seating position, low speed handling & 3 wheel design
Dislikes: No antilock brakes

Review: “
I would like for starters, to humbly disagree with the higher seat position on the MP3 being a negative. The higher Seat position I don't believe raises the center of gravity at all. The weight of 400cc engine more then counter balances the weight of any driver sitting atop the vehicle. The only slight problem with this position is the difficulty for shorter riders to balance the bike with their feet on the ground, but the locking front suspension fully addresses this issue. Second and on the positive side of this issue this higher seating position provides the rider a much safer view of the road. My viewing height on the MP3 is typically the same as the driver of a standard SUV. This allows me to see more safely through the windows of such vehicles giving me a much greater amount of information about traffic patterns in front and behind me.

On the Highway is where this Maxiscooter really shines. The MP3 is not quick off the start but once at higher speeds it nimbly accelerates for quick lane changes and the stability at high speeds is in my opinion exceptional. The extra traction of the third wheel and the ability of the scooter to stand upright independently are awesome features as well. this scooter is clearly a year round form of transportation.

I have fully substituted the MP3 for a car and have never regretted it for a second. I live in a city so I can say as an urban commuter scooter the MP3 is tops. This scooter is an effective vehicle instead of a second car and for some the only transportation they may need. The MP3 is not a high performance motorcycle and it has never claimed to be. Thanks for reading.”

2008 PIAGGIO MP3 500
Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Smooth and quick acceleration
Dislikes: Seat could be a little lower

Review: “
I picked up my Piaggio about 2 weeks ago and have been enjoying since. I am surprised at the sure footedness and stability I have with this scooter! On loose gravel roads that extra wheel up front helps tremendously to keep me going straight, and when I ran into some soupy mud/gravel I was able to stay upright even with the rear tire fish-tailing all over. If i was only on two wheels I would have been down for the count. That’s with just street tires on the scooter. Overall I am very pleased with my scooter, smooth on the street/highway, and confidence on the backroads, and attractive styling. I LIKE!”

2008 PIAGGIO MP3 400
Milage: 20,000 - 30,000 Miles
Likes: Stability, good headlight optics
Dislikes: Fit and finish of all electronics. Plastic body components brittle and non standardized hardware

Review: “
Not very happy with this vehicle. I've ridden all my life, since I was 12. This vehicle has horrible quality electronic switches and sensors. The hydraulic lock stopped working early on in the bike's life. All the toggle switches would wiggle in the plastic handlebar covers. Turn signal switches intermittently working. Head light wires flickered, then it started having a high idle off the freeway and began shutting off at every stop light. Now it won't stay running. Seating leans forward giving you the feeling you have to do a pushup to keep yourself on the seat. Seat upholstery split wide open by 2011, this vehicle was garage kept. My knees were cramped bad, I'm 5’6”. One word-disappointment.”

2009 PIAGGIO MP3 250
Milage 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes Mileage-handling-quietness-braking-can park anyplace and no worry of being level. I like the it being different as it is.
Dislikes Weight but after a 900 # Goldwing (which I still have and love-it is light in comparison. Would like a bit more power.

“I have had this less than a week and it is so much fun to ride. I have over 1 million miles on motorcycles and am almost 80 years old. I have ridden since 1948 and started on a Western Auto Stores Doodlebug scooter. This is neat except on a fast freeway but is still minimally adequate even there. Handling is supreme and sand, gravel, ruts etc. are not much of a problem. Can be parked on inclines and hills with the tilt lock and parking brake.

The most impressive impression is stopping. I love front brakes and with two wheels it STOPS! I am getting over 65 mpg even running it hard some of the time. I didn't want a 250 but I rode a 400 and two other 250 rigs and this one spoke to me. Better shape and everything worked superbly--the others didn't feel as good.” Norym

2009 PIAGGIO MP3 400
Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Braking, Cornering, Overall quality.
Dislikes: High center of gravity, High seat, Lack of low speed torque.

Although comfortable, the fixed seating position is good only for short runs. The dual front wheels are not worth the extra weight and complexity.”

2009 PIAGGIO MP3 400cc
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Brakes, smooth ride, cornering
Dislikes: Lack of leg room and reliability

The MP3 has a lot of quirks and things that can go wrong, it's overly complicated. When something breaks you are on your own because the warranty says that "all parts subject to wear and tear are not covered". Of course, everything on the scooter is subject to some wear and tear so unless your dealer is kind-hearted and covers it by himself, you are out of luck. The mp3 is best suited for a shorter rider that enjoys DIY maintenance and repairs.”

2009 PIAGGIO MP3 500ie
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Speed, Stopping, Tilt Lock, Attracts Attention, MPG, Comfortable
Dislikes: Height of Seat

Talk about fun... Female that's a previous dirt and street motorcycle driver, I have fallen hard for the MP3 500ie. The maxi scooter is fast topping 90mph if you really need the speed. You get about 65mpg on the highways. Everyone wants to ask questions about the scooter where ever I stop at. It's a lot easier sitting on the MP3 than straddling a motorcycle. My only wish would be if the seat were a little lower for vertically challenged people 5'4 and under. If you have a short stride - you may have some trouble adjusting to this maxi scooter. But where there's a will I found the way using some 2.5 inch shoe inserts... Let's Ride!!!!”

2009 PIAGGIO MP3 400
Milage: 10,000 - 20,000 Miles
Likes: Stability, CVT for lane splitting. push button stand-up position, braking.
Dislikes: Wish they made a factory extended footrest. Front feels a little cramped. Short rear passengers have trouble reaching footrest.

I commute 40 miles each way into San Francisco daily. I can fly through traffic and lane split at very low speeds as needed. I have been ahead of larger bikes who could not stay up at the slower (safer) lane splitting speeds.

Plenty of power to get anywhere, though the pick up with the CVT is sluggish. I can cruise at 80+ mph and not even notice it. I like that it is 500+ lbs, as on the windy Bay Bridge, I feel stable.”

Milage: 1000 - 5000 Miles
Likes: Fantastic fun, comfort, feels very stable on the move once you get used to it
Dislikes: Occasionally can catch you off balance like any bike, and there’s a lot of weight when you feel it going

Review: “
I had bikes when younger and I spent a lot of time falling off. Now I got older and three wheels feels good - easy parking. Everything about MP3 is a little bit of fun. The weight is well balanced until it starts to go then its heavy have to have common sense feels a lot more stable in not good conditions uneven roads ,wet roads ,pot holes. Nice bike.”

2011 PIAGGIO MP3 300 (AND 2006 MP3 250)
Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Stopping, Tilt Lock, Attracts Attention, MPG, Comfortable,can park anyplace and no worry of being level
Dislikes: Seat shape, hand brake lever position

Review: “
I really like the overall look and performance of the bike. I had a 250 and then bought a 300. I really like the 300 as it had that little bit extra power that was missing in my 250. Also the back bigger wheel made it bit high and doesn’t feel like riding scooter at all. I love the under the seat storage, awesome as I can do my groceries on the way home. It’s perfectly enough to fit my handyman toolkit. I believe it was a mistake on the 2013 models doesn't have much space? Once I had a front flat tyre, I was able to ride with a single wheel without any problem, what more!!!”

- Bishan (Melbourne, Australia)


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