1999 Suzuki AE50 Hyper
Suzuki’s AE50 was introduced in Canada in 1990, seemingly as a competitor to the popular Yamaha Jog and Honda Dio. For whatever reason it wasn't sold in the USA. It seems that some examples were badged with the name 'Hyper' while others were just labelled as the 'AE 50'. Overseas this scooter was called the AE50 and the 'Hi Up’.

So what do I know about the AE50? Not much....basically that it is a 50cc 2-stroke scooter that Suzuki sold in Canada and overseas in the early to mid 90’s. It seems to have been sold in Canada from 1990 until 1999. Very little information exists online for this scooter so most of the following information comes from a few owners who have contacted MSG.

The top speed is reported to be a bit over 60 km/hr (40mph). Supposedly this scooter is extremely peppy for a 50cc, so it seems likely that the top speed is limited by a restriction in the variator as is the norm for 2-stroke 50’s. This scooter makes an impressive
6.5hp @ 6500 RPM which is great for a 50cc. That’s comparable to Honda’s 2-stroke 80cc Aero. Perhaps this scooters peppy nature is the reason why fuel economy is typically reported as being poor (for a scooter). From my reading, observed fuel economy is typically around 60mpg which means that filling up the 3 litre (0.8 gallon) tank happens pretty often.

The Hyper shared it's 50cc 2-stroke motor with Suzuki's similar AD50 scooter sold overseas, so that’s one avenue to explore if you’re looking for parts. You can read more about the AD50

Storage and Convenience
Ergonomically speaking, some AE50 owners have complained of an uncomfortable seat while other owners haven’t noticed a problem. A common complaint is that the mirrors are too narrow so visibility is poor. This could be remedied fairly easily with some wider aftermarket mirrors. The AE50 does not have a glovebox but it does have some storage space under the seat. The storage area isn’t huge but you could fit your lunch in there or a rain suit. The fuel tank is also located under the seat which limited the amount of storage Suzuki could muster.


The gauges on this scooter are pretty standard fare. You’ve got an fuel gauge and odometer (which rolls over at 9999.9 kms), as well as a speedometer and warning lights for the oil, blinkers and high beams.

Buying an AE50 seems a bit risky unless you are handy with motors simply because there is little support out there from other owners and probably even from Suzuki. I have no idea if you can still get parts for

this scooter but I would check into this before you buy one. If Suzuki Canada does provide parts then it would be a neat and unique scooter to pick up.
To get an idea of parts availability, stroll into your local Suzuki dealer and ask if stuff like head gaskets, drivebelts etc are still available. Pick a few parts at random and ask if they are available to get a general idea of your odds. Let me know how it goes.

If you’re simply looking for a peppy and affordable 2-stroke 50cc, I’d look at Yamaha’s Jog and Honda’s Dio, as they are both very similar style-wise but those scooters have huge followings and part resources. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique or you found a great deal on one of these, I would go for it as long as you’re comfortable working a bit harder to find parts.

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* Powerful
* Neat little piece of history
* Underseat storage

* Difficulty getting parts
* 60mpg

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Key Specs:
* Engine type: Air-cooled 49 cc 2-stroke.
* Power: 6.5 hp @ 6500 rpm, 5.3
lbs-ft torque @ 6000 rpm.
* Transmission: V-belt automatic.
* Colors: Blue, Black, Red, White, Purple.
* Fuel Tank: 3 litres (0.8 gallons)
* Fuel Milage: 60mpg
* Years Sold: 1990 - 1999