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Background, I'm new to scooters but have been riding motorbikes for many years, I currently own a Ducati S4R and a BMW K1200RS. I have wanted a scooter for our summer house on Martha's Vineyard for several years so I finely took the plunge. I chose the Sprint 50 because we live 2.5 miles from town, the maximum speed limit on the island is 45mph and during the summer the traffic can be awful.

To begin the Sprint 50 is gorgeous, mine is blue, and the build quality is excellent. I bought the Vespa new as a 2015 leftover. I'm still in the break-in phase so I haven't wound it out yet, I'm trying to stay at 30mph or below, but I can feel it's very willing. Disclosure, there are no hills on Martha's Vineyard. The scooter starts instantly, I only need to breath on the starter and it's alive. I do chuckle at the sound of the 50cc motor, it makes me smile though. Once underway, it's very quite and remarkably stable given the small wheels, even on the sandy dirt roads where we live. As for handling, the scooter is incredibly nimble, even at very low speeds; I say this as compared to my motorcycles.

I'm confident it will carry 2 with ease, again, I have only done a quick 2 person test with my wife, but It behaved well. The under-seat storage compartment is huge, easily large enough for even the biggest full faced helmet. As a note, the Sprint 50 doesn't have the button to pop the seat release so you do have to use the key. The glove box is fine for my wallet, a cell phone or gloves for that matter.

My greatest pleasure is the step through design, it's effortless to mount and dismount. Unlike a motorcycle, I don't feel the same sense of ceremony every-time I go for a ride, I mean this in a relaxed positive way. I am wearing a open faced helmet, rather than the full face used for my motorbikes, so I get the full "wind in your face" experience at just 30mph, which is a pleasure. It just feels friendly and casual, it's great.

The bottom-line is the Sprint 50 has accomplished the mission of being a "fun toy" mode of transportation for the island. Everyone that sees it comments on how nice it looks and my young adult children are anxious for summer to begin so they can take for a spin. Highly recommended.”


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