Milage: 5000 - 10,000 Miles
Likes: Looks, mileage, value (price), overall size
Dislikes: Lack of aftermarket parts and accessories, acceleration.

This is my first scooter or moped since my 1982 Tomos when I was in high school, and a variety of borrowed scoots when I was in Europe in '85. When looking for a scooter I was torn between the Kymco Super 8 and the Aprilia. Both are about the only easily acquired scoots on the US market with 14" wheels and a longer wheelbase. I'm a 6-foot guy and I didn't want to look like I stole some kid's toy. After a lousy experience with the Kymco dealer, I went with the Aprilia on the advice of a biker friend and I am SO glad I did. After one minor service hiccup, (which was quickly and efficiently handled by the dealer under the killer warranty) the bike has been great and very reliable.

For the low price (just over $2k after taxes) the bike came with a 2 year, unlimited factory warranty, including 1 year of roadside assistance. I joked about the roadside assistance until I had the small problem. I have a small car and getting the bike to the dealer would have been a bigger problem. I live in Savannah, which is a very flat city and I get mileage over 100 MPG most of the time, and I ride it hard. It's also illegally fast right out of the box. I checked with GPS and the speedo was spot on at a top speed of 44MPH.

I've been riding it a little over a year now and I just rolled over 5k miles on it. It's my primary and preferred basic transportation for fun and commuting. I also meet up with a loose group of local scooter enthusiasts, and I am always complimented on the looks of the bike, and how quiet the engine purr is. At top speed, it sounds like a hive of angry bees.

Once my warranty is up, I'd like to make a few modifications, but there is a lack of compatible parts on the market. Given the price point, I was assuming it would be more popular than it seems to be and hoping that the upgrade parts would be available. The only mechanical issue at all is that being a somewhat mellowed 4 stroke, it take a bit of time to get up to speed. If I could make any design improvement it would be to improve the power off the start line.

All in all it's a great bike and a great value. I do recommend it!”


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