Need assistance disconnecting alarm

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Need assistance disconnecting alarm

Post by Liquorqueen »

Hello scooter folks...
Help is desperately needed. I have a BMS Zhongneng 50 scooter, I believe it is a BMS Tuscan 50, 2010 model.
Haven’t driven it much and it’s on a trickle charger. I just replaced the battery as it wouldn’t start and I can’t even get on it or work on it as the dang alarm keeps going off and I want to disconnect the alarm as I don’t need it where I live.
Can anyone help me in doing this. Is it one of the wires attached to the battery, or do I have to take the front panels off and disconnect from there.
I want to enjoy it again, and there isn’t a scooter or bike shop within 50 miles of me, and it’s too big for me to get into the back of my truck.
Thank you so much for any assistance!!
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