Long Distance Durability

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Long Distance Durability

Post by Dan Durston »

I recently stumbled across the results of the 2007 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally (MBSR). I was browsing the results and I was surprised by how many scooters DNF'd (did not finish). The MBSR is an 24 hour, 800km long distance rally held every 2nd year. Out of the 51 scooters that started, 8 broke down along the way. That's close to 20%.

The following observations are hardly scientific since there were so few scooters involved and because some are much older than others but it is interesting to note which brands failed. Perhaps this info will be useful to someone choosing a weapon for the 2009 running of the MBSR.

So on to the results.....

1) The #1 most failure prone brand (as a percentage) was Vespa. Of the 5 Vespa's that entered, 3 of them failed to finish...That's a 60% failure rate. In Vespa's defense, all three busted Vespa's were vintage machines. The lone new Vespa (GT200) finished the Rally, as did one vintage Vespa. So the lesson here is to make sure you have road side assistance if you're running a vintage Vespa, because 3/4 (75%) of them could have used that last time.

2) Two out of the Ten Honda's that were entered did not complete the route (20% failure rate). Both of the Honda's that failed were old Cubs though. In total, there were four Cubs in the rally (including the 3rd place finisher) so your odds are better with a Cub than a vintage Vespa. In total 6 of the Honda's were old scooters ( more than 20 years old) so these scoots faired decently overall. As a side note, 2 out of 3 podium finishers were Honda's.

3) There were 3 Aprilia's in the rally including two SR50's and one Scarabeo 150. One of these SR50's failed severely mid-rally with a bent crankshaft. This SR50 was one of 3 relatively new scooters that DNF'd. This SR50 was the only 50cc that failed to finish.

4) The other two modern scooters that failed were a TNG Milano and a Kymco B&W 150.

5) Kudo's to Yamaha for obtaining 100% reliability. All 7 Yammies finished the rally including a Salient from the early 80's. On the downside, the best Yamaha finisher was 13th.

Full results here:
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Re: Long Distance Durability

Post by chanito »

:shock: Interesting info, Looking forward to find out about those vintage vespa failures
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