*** REDUCED *** 2000 Honda Elite CH80

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*** REDUCED *** 2000 Honda Elite CH80

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2000 Honda Elite CH80 $825 OBO, Longview Texas 75602
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This scooter is in great running condition and turns head every time I'm on the road. I believe I am the third owner, as previous owner said they were second owner and title indicates that. The scooter has 3,536 miles at this time. I have a clean and clear Texas title in my name ready to transfer. The scooter is currently inspected. I have done lots of maintenance to it and it is a joy to ride. I usually get 90-92 mpg at 38-45 mph. Yes you read that right, 92 miles per gallon! Now on to the details...

New parts:
•New final reduction bearings
•New starter bearing
•New rear wheel bearing
•New bystarter valve (auto cold choke)
•New spark plug
•New exhaust bolts
•New front brake lever
•New oring between carb and engine intake
•New final drive
•New crankcase breather separator condensation element
•New belt case air cleaner
•New drive face oil seal and final reduction oil seal
•New final reduction gasket
•New CVT gasket

•Engine oil change and final reduction oil change after I bought it (23xx miles)
•Carb completely disassembled and resealed with new seals
•Carb reset per factory service manual
•Air filter cleaned and housing resealed with ultra grey gasket to prevent any leaks
•Drive pulley/clutch pulley serviced and faces checked for tolerances
•Drive belt checked for tolerance
•Oil change at 3k miles
•Crankcase breather separator drained, disassembled, resealed
•Installed new spark plug
•Adjusted free-play of front and rear brake levers

I really hate to sell it but my wife and I have a baby on the way and I gotta get rid of it. This scooter is a blast to ride and you just can't get on it without a smile on your face. PM me if you need more photos or phone number. The miles will continue to go up as it is still my daily driver (~16 miles/day commute).

$825.00 OBO willing to negotiate.
[email protected] dot com... 903.649.3678
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