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CA50 Fuel Petcock Rebuild

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 3:31 pm
by Ethan140
So the previous owner has put rtv allover the outside of the petcock on the bottom of the tank because it was leaking, and still was leaking, along with the 2 vacuum lines being switched around, so i took off the petcock to reseal it correctly. i was originally going to use fuel safe rtv, but looking into it i was confused because i thought there was supposed to be a diaphragm inside. I have posted before and after pictures, and yes, it did run with all the gunk in there, my question is weather or not there is supposed to be a diaphragm. I have also added a screenshot of a youtube video that i will link, showing a kind of similar pump, that looks identical on the inside, but different from the outside that might be useful

ANY info would be great, Thanks

Before/After Clean:


Reference from (Not exact same part)