Honda Elite wheelie scooter build

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Honda Elite wheelie scooter build

Post by BradleyBrapBrap »

The bike: Honda Elite CH150. 6,000 miles on the odometer. I'm the 3rd owner

The story: Previous owner got it running after it sat for a few years. Rode it around. Then parked it for 9 years. Then gave it to me for free. Not running and full of mouse nest and spiders.

Whats my experience?

I currently own a 1987 Honda Elite ch150. I purchased it (5/10/2020) not running and was parked for 7 years. I removed every bolt, seal and gasket. Replaced everything worn with OEM. It runs and rides great. It has 34,000 miles on it and was all original when I got it. Just painted flat black and not in good condition.

The deal included a full parts bike. Same model totally complete. The 2nd bike had no title and was pretty bad. It also came with another complete motor with 700 miles. 2 sets of rims and tires and a huge box of parts. 4' x 2' and 18" deep :lol:

I removed every usable part from the spare bike and sold the frame. I kept all the parts for future projects like this!

So back to the build.

This bike has some issues. Nothing time and research can't handle. And in a pinch some PB blaster !


Front brake sucks - gotta be removed and serviced
Rear brakes are frozen- gotta be removed and serviced
Engine starts and runs but has a high idle - Carb removed and replaced jets and float with new after a thorough cleaning. (Haven't installed it in since the cleaning and rebuild.
Flat tires - tubes will be added till I order new tires
Clitch seems to be shot and is fully engaged - need to find out what kind of aftermarket clutch can be installed to better suit a wheelie scoot.

Any info on clutch parts and aid on how to make it more torque for better acceleration to help with wheelie would help alot. I been trying to research it for months with no avail.

I will post pics as soon as possible and when ever I do mods. I'm in the process of getting the stunt pegs put on between that, the carb, and adding a hand brake for the rear I got some time before its in service.

Feel free to chime in with questions or pointers.
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Re: Honda Elite wheelie scooter build

Post by dbuzz77 »

I put lighter weights in the front clutch of my vino and it rev'd up a lot faster, I assume thats what you would need
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