When it was released in the USA and Canada for 2009, the Yager 200i aka Frost (Canada) was a big step forward for Kymco despite not being much of a looker. Both the build quality and motor were big improvements for Kymco. This model lasted through 2012 in the USA, while it remained on sale in Canada for 2013 before being dropped.


Overseas the model is known as the New Dink 200i, where it has also been sold in 125cc and 50cc versions.

For many years (actually since Kymco started making scooters in the 90’s), Kymco had been using the same aging engines in all of their mid-sized scooters. This changed with the Yager, which introduced a brand new modern motor. This new motor improved upon Kymco’s older designs by introducing fuel injection and liquid cooling to their sub-250cc scooters. While referred to as a 200, the motor actually displaces 174.5cc, which makes it well suited for all usage short of autobahn excursions. Top speed is good at 65-70mph, which fits the Yager intention as an all-around machine. They Yager can often keep up on the highway, but a 250cc better if you want to keep up on hills or when it’s windy.

Thanks partly to the fuel injection, the Yager sips fuel at a rate of 70mpg. With it’s 2.9 gallon tank, you travel up to 200 miles (320km) between $10 - $15 fills.

Design and Amenities
In the style department, Kymco continues to improve at a rapid pace. The Yager continues this trend with a crisp clean style and neatly integrated components. The flush mounted passenger pegs and integrated taillights are both very nicely done and this machine has the nicest gauges yet on a Kymco.

During a short test ride, the Frost / Yager proved to be quite a peppy scooter with very good brakes. This scooter is physically a larger scooter than some of the other mid sized Kymco’s, so it accommodates average to larger sized / longer legged adults quite well. Some other Kymco’s have fairly small ‘cockpits’ but the Frost/Yager has a good amount of arm and knee space.

Amenities in the Frost / Yager include generation storage under the seat, a 12V charging spot and a passenger backrest. There’s also disc brakes front and rear, as well as a nicely integrated windscreen. This machine has a high quality feel to it and a good cohesive design. From front to back, this machine is designed well as a comfortable scooter that blends in-town nimbleness with the comfort and power to venture on to the backroads.

Compared to most mid-sized scooters, the Frost has a physically larger design which makes it a more stable and secure ride at higher speeds. It also includes a nice long seat, which accommodates a passenger well - especially with the backrest that adds a security for the passenger.

With the Frost/Yager, Kymco continues to close in on the Japanese manufacturers in terms of quality, refinement and technology. The Frost/Yager succeeds because it’s a complete package. You get nice styling, good quality, affordable price and refinement, and a modern motor to round it out. With fuel injection and liquid cooling, the Frost/Yager outperforms any of their previous 150cc scooters in fuel milage while offering superior performance and emissions.

While the Yager has been dropped in the USA market, Kymco’s newer Downtown 200 continues to fill this niche and with a top speed that is more capable for highways. If you’re after a touring machine however, the larger Downtown 300 which is sold in both nations is the way to go. The Frost/Yager fits in as a lower cost and more fuel efficient machine for the backroads, while the Downtown 300 adds true highway capability.

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* New high tech motor (fuel injected, liquid cooled)
* Excellent gauges and overall refinement
* Cohesive design

* Styling is a bit quirky

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Key Specs - Yager / Frost 200i:
* Engine: Liquid cooled, 174.5cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke
* Transmission: CVT
* Bore & Stroke: 62mm x 57.8mm
* Fuel Delivery: Electronic Fuel Injection
* Drive: Belt
* Wheelbase: 54.7”
* Weight: 308 lbs
* Starter: Electric
* Seat height: 31”
* Fuel Tank: 2.9 gallon / 11 Liter
* Brakes: 2 Piston Disc (Front), Single Piston Disc (Rear)
* Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
* Rear Suspension: Dual Shocks
* Tires: 120/70-13(front), 140/70-12 (rear)
* Years Sold: 2010 - 2012 (USA), 2009 - 2013 (Canada)
* Colors: Light Blue, Grey, Blue-Black
* MSRP: $3499